I have a genuine love for intaglio, and I have been fortunate to visit different printmaking studios and go to workshops. I always find it incredible inspiring, and I'm amazed every time when I get to know new artists and technicians with a world of knowledge and specializm in what they are doing. Absolutely fantastic!

I need a page on my blog to tell you about all these wonderful places I have been to. Some use traditional intaglio, some use non-toxic intaglio.

The last place I went was Estudi de Gravat Ignasi Aguirre Ruiz in Barcelona, Spain.
A fantastic printmaking studio with the best atmosphere and work ethics. They know they trade and are truly experts in intaglio.

I only had a few days together with a group of lovely ladies, but I will definitely return.
We worked with traditional etching, and got a good feel of the place.

 Ignacio Aguirre Ruiz

Ignacio Jr



Jacob, Ignacio, Antonio

Inked up aluminums plate

Ignacio at work

Ignacio Jr and Anja Cecilie Solvik

Xavi and Ignacio

Ink is always beautiful

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